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Interview with Ilana Ten Krooden – Alcon

Vision had a chat with Ilana Ten Krooden, Professional Affairs Manager of Alcon. Ed – You worked for Ciba Vision which later became Alcon - what is the story behind that? Ilana - Ciba Vision was a division of Novartis for many years. During 2011 we were told that Novartis had acquired

Interview with Ricky Lewis, Moscon Optics

Ed – Moscon Optics has grown into a huge business. Can you give us a break down of the divisions within the Company? RL - Firstly, thank you for the opportunity to communicate to the Vision Magazine readership.  I have always enjoyed my relationship with Shannon de Klerk and value

The Saks Story

Tribute to the Saks family - Ed The Saks family’s role in the development and progression of optometry to the profession it is today, was nothing short of profound. The Saks’ involvement in optometry spans three generations. It all started with JL Saks, who started in practice in 1922. He was

Interview with Dr Paul Ramkissoon

Ed: I have been looking forward to this chat with you. We have both been involved with Vision Magazine for a long time, as editors and contributors, but this opportunity has never arisen. Q: The first thing I have to ask you, is it true that you hold every meaningful qualification

Interview with Colin & Wendy Lewis

Q: Who were the founders of Moscon Optics? C - Monty Cohen and Rex Moss started Moscon Optics. Q: What were you doing before you bought Moscon? C – I was in the fashion industry, designing and manufacturing a funky young shirt brand called Ego. W – I was working in the advertising industry.

Interview with David Green

Q: What makes the David Green Collection special? A: Each frame is unique, no two frames are the same. This is so because we use real nature within the product.  Our “unique by nature” eyewear resonates superbly with user individualism that has become a worldwide desire. Q: You have an engineering background