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Interview with David Green

Q: What makes the David Green Collection special?

A: Each frame is unique, no two frames are the same. This is so because we use real nature within the product.  Our “unique by nature” eyewear resonates superbly with user individualism that has become a worldwide desire.

Q: You have an engineering background – how did you land up in the optical cabbage patch?

A: My father was an artist. I wanted to break away from corporate life, so when an entrepreneurial opportunity came to create a difference in eyewear, I grabbed it and there is no looking back. I see eyewear design as a fusion of engineering and art.

Q: In how many countries does David Green Eyewear have a foothold?

A: We have sold to 27 different countries worldwide.

Q: How did you manage to do that?

A: David Green eyewear has attended several international trade shows on a regular basis and uses appointed distributors to expand to an international footprint.

Q: Where are you located?

A: In the heart of the City Bowl of Cape Town.

Q: Give us a run-down of the David Green offering.

A: In a world of mass production, duplication and replication, David Green is decidedly different.  Inspired by the uniqueness of nature. Every creation is a one-off.  For those who desire design that echoes their individuality David Green creates eyewear as unique as nature herself.  Handcrafted from the finest raw materials.

Each piece guarantees exacting quality, natural comfort and timeless style.  When you choose David Green, you’re saying I don’t just want to look good, I want to feel good –  about myself and the world in which I live.  Be kind to yourself, be kind to the earth, discover David Green.

Unique by Nature

Q: Your Brand is well entrenched in the South African market – but not an easy task. How did you achieve that?

A: By engaging with the South African optometrists one by one with a personalised and customised approach, we have created committed ambassadors for the David Green brand. This in turn leads to wearers who ultimately become raving fans for David Green eyewear in South Africa. We find that people who have worn a David Green frame tend to buy another David Green frame.

Q: Are you optimistic about the South African eyewear market?

A: Yes. We feel that South Africans are style conscious and will start to upgrade their eyewear more frequently in the future.

Q: You are the lead guitarist in a band called The Jimmy Green Machine. What is that all about?

A: I am a Jimi Hendrix fan and love the wildness and expression that playing electric guitar with friends in a band brings to one.

Q: What do you love most about Cape Town?

A: The combination of “nature meets city” makes Cape Town such a special and unique place to live in and create from.

Q: Who is David Green at home?

A: I love Sunday mornings to wake up late and relax with my wife and chat with my two daughters who I am so proud of. No green socks over weekends.