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Shannon and Chris – well done!

Shannon and Chris well done! Not only does it look like the awards evening was stunning, the way you have depicted it is beaut! Great photography and warm, unifying talk, positive professional talk. 2018 has been a very big step forward for VISION. Thank you both! Cheers Pete

Letters to the Editor: Vision Awards Dinner

Dear Chris and Shannon Thank you to Vision for hosting an outstanding evening on Saturday. It was lovely to experience all sectors of the optometric industry coming together to recognize and celebrate those who have made contributions to our industry. It was clear from the emotional reaction by some of the winners, that this

Letter to the Editor – Jayne Janetzky

Dear Chris As the publisher who originally launched Vision, who - with the support and guidance of an amazing editorial board and enthusiastic advertisers - negotiated its passage through the turbulent early days of de-regulation and the rigours of retail, may I say 'bravo'! Your on-line edition is absolutely stunning. Its look, content and relevance to

What a great tribute – Trevor Skinner

What a great tribute to the Saks family who are the corner stone and pioneers of the profession in South Africa. We salute Sid Saks and his family for all they contributed to South African and in fact world Optometry. Trevor Skinner (Past President SAOA)

Letter to the Editor – Kathy Winter

I would like to congratulate and thank you for another great edition of Vision Magazine Online. I really liked it before, but it is now even more readable, relevant and useful. The website is easy to navigate and even manages to look exciting while keeping  the experience professional. The Waiting Room is just what

I welcome the new direction the magazine is taking…

By Pete Swanepoel
As a bashful past editor of VISION who tried to get fired for low productivity, I welcome the new direction the magazine is taking under the direction of Shannon and yourself.

Well done, guys, for grasping the nettle and changing the format. The idea of the big glossy mag in the waiting room where our patients can learn more about what we do is so right.