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Letter to the Editor – Kathy Winter

I would like to congratulate and thank you for another great edition of Vision Magazine Online. I really liked it before, but it is now even more readable, relevant and useful. The website is easy to navigate and even manages to look exciting while keeping  the experience professional. The Waiting Room is just what we have needed for years.
Patients love information and deserve to know all they can about their eyes. I read it cover to cover and then back again! It will help Suppliers create awareness of their products, optometrists grow their business and patients to make more informed decisions . Well done for all your hard work sourcing interesting articles to help educate
optometrists and the public. Thank you for having a positive impact on SA Optometry. I know you’re very responsive to your reader base so I wonder if you could determine if there is a need for an online forum on the platform for practitioners to communicate and share views? I also think there could possibly be value in an industry classified and employment advertising section. Thanks again for your work! 

Kind regards

Kathy Winter