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Maui Jim’s MAUIGreen® Fashion Mirror Now Available in Prescription!

Inspired by the lush green forests of Hawaii, this fresh and vibrant fashion mirror is now available in Maui Jim’s prescription lens technology, MauiPassport™ 2.0, across hundreds of premium frame styles catering to single and progressive lens options.  The beautiful green mirror is applied to the front side of Maui Jim’s

Sports vision: What and how to prescribe ophthalmic products

By Prof Jannie Ferreira
The changing face of sports from the old conservative amateur approach to a dynamic professional business has created many opportunities. The unprecedented interest of the media and the globalisation of television and the internet have made sports a major marketing tool. Like elsewhere in the world, athletes and coaches are investigating all the different legal (and sometimes illegal) options available to them…

Hypertension and hypertensive retinopathy

Accreditation Number: ODO xxx/xx/01/2020 Want to take the CPD quiz? Once you are ready, you can enroll below. Good luck! [namaste-enroll course_id=9197] Introduction Hypertension, which is synonymous with high blood pressure, is a common medical condition in which the long-term force of the blood against the arterial walls is high enough that it may

We have posted a new survey in Vision Online to determine what the average monthly turnover of a practice is in different locations, as well as the monthly rent as a percentage of turn over. In the past we have surveyed the salaries optometrists earn, what the average rental per

CPD Rules

- Updated 12 September-2017 Certificate of Attendance All health practitioners shall ensure that they are in possession of a certificate of attendance for every activity they have attended. They shall keep these for at least two years so that their certificates will be available if required for a random compliance check. CPD Activity

ContactConnect – opportunity of a life-time.

This year has been truly congested with gatherings on the optometric calendar. Optometrists have been spoilt for choice. Naturally, one would like to see all of these events do well, and the reality is that it is the number of registrations that spell success or not. At the end of

Differential Advantage – how to make patients choose you

Preamble We live in a surplus world where similar businesses sell similar products, from similar locations to similar people, at similar prices, employing similar people of similar academic and social backgrounds. Retail has by and large become boring. Most malls have the same brands and chain stores in them. Trading hours

Interview with Nina Kriel – Synapse

Nina Kriel (B Optom, BSc Hons, BA Hons, OD, LLB) Ed – you have one of the longest strings of degrees of anybody I know in our profession – give us some insight into your obvious passion for study. NK – My parents were always studying something or learning about something, often unrelated