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Coming to terms with the Optometric Market

According to SA Statistics, only 14,6 % of South Africans wear a visual correction of some sort. I have been intrigued by this statistic for more than twenty years. During the nineties, Standard Optical commissioned Markinor to research the optical market. Their finding was that only 18% of our population

It was a novel thought that we found ourselves in 2020 as part of the eye care fraternity. Little did we know that it will come with the novel COVID-19. We are all consumed by the Coronavirus, and it is difficult to indulge in any topic other than the pandemic. Naturally, it has

The year 2020 is finally here! For all of us involved in eye care, it has got a special ring to it. Cherish the fact that you are privileged to be involved in eye care at this time since it is only going to come around once, ever. By all accounts, 2019 will

The one thing you can't fake is a clinical skill. Yes, ten years' experience takes ten years, and twenty years' experience takes twenty years, but from the day you graduate, the real learning starts. Learning is mostly done by reading, and since time immemorial, it hasn't changed. Presently, we have available

Benchmarks are truly valuable tools in managing your practice. Knowing your gross profit percentage, net profit percentage and expenses as a percentage of turnover, are all useful management tools. However, it becomes much harder to obtain national benchmarks. For instance, what do practice owners pay themselves, what do they pay

This is the first issue of 2019. Very soon Vision Online will bounce through 40 000 visits, which is a remarkable achievement. This is perhaps a good time to review some of the sections in Vision Magazine Online. I appeal to all optometrists to complete the salary survey. This type of information

Vision Magazine Online has enjoyed massive support with over 20 000 visits during the first year. This gives us the re-assurance that Vision Online occupies an important space in providing a service to the South African optical industry. Vision for the Waiting Room, on the other hand, is more difficult to measure.