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ISCLS Washington DC, September 2018

dirkThe International Society of Contact Lens Specialists is a non-profit organization comprised of distinguished contact lens practitioners and educators. The ISCLS is dedicated to professional education for its members, and provides expert consultation, facilitates scientific research and advocates quality contact lens patient care.

Friendship has always been, and continues to be, the cornerstone of the ISCLS. Started in 1953, just seven years after the end of World War II, it was the world’s first international contact lens society, and a great testament to the power of personal friendship overcoming cultural and national suspicions and reservations.

The ISCLS invites leaders from all over the world, both practitioners and researchers, in the contact lens field to become members and affiliates of the society and to meet periodically to share knowledge about developments.

I was fortunate to receive and invite to speak at the recent confernce held in Washington DC and to be subsequently invited to become an associate member. The conference was held over three days in the Kimpton Monaco hotel in Washington DC and included talks by the leading expersts in the contact lens field. Topics ranged from gene therapy, disinfection, scleral lenses, orthokeratology, myopia control, drug delivery with contact lenses, optical aberation and correction, dry eye, and digital eye strain. It was truly an honour to be invited to become a member of this esteemed society.

Dirk Booysen October 2018

Figure 1. Fellows of the Scleral Lens Society, September 2018, Washington DC. From Left, Edgar Davila-Garcia (Puerto Rico), Greg DeNayer (Columbus Ohio), Langis Michaud (Montreal Canada), Melissa Barnett (California) , Tom Arnold (Sugarland Texas), Dirk Booysen (South Africa), Melanie Frogozo (San Antonio Texas), Maria Walker (Houston Texas), Elize Kramer (Miami Florida)), Damon Ezekiel (Australia), Daddi Fadel (Italy), and Mindy Toabe (Cleveland Ohio)
Figure 2. International Society of Contact Lens Specialists membership ceremony. From left, immediate past president Richard Davis, new member Dirk Booysen, New president Damon Ezekiel, and honorary secretary and treasurer, Nigel Hodd.
Figure 3. newly inducted members of the ISCLS, Edgar Davila-Garcia (Puerto Rico), Louise Sclafani (California), Dirk Booysen (South Africa), Melissa Barnette (California), Tom Arnold (Sugarland Texas), Elize Kramer (Miami Florida), and Langis Michaud (Montreal Canada)
Figure 4. Presenting lecture on corneal biomechanics in contact lens wear
Figure 5. Copy of my book presented to Tom Arnold