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The Class of 1978 – Re-union

Planning started more than a year ago where through our mailing list we gathered opinions as to a preferred venue for a weekend reunion. Spier wine estate in Stellenbosch was selected and turned out to be a great choice. Very well suited to uniting our group who graduated 40 years ago.

It was not easy to find a date which suited everybody and preference was given to those coming from overseas. 

Cheryl Forsdick-Jansen and Terence came from Austin Texas where they both still practice when they are not on a cruise liner on some ocean or river. Dhavid Cooper also lives in Texas where he writes, does motivational speaking and plays golf. Les Chrich is still practicing in London when he is not sitting in some exotic location drinking beer thanks to his travel agent wife . Manny Moldovanos has sold up his practices in Polokwani, does locum work in Joburg when he is not in Lemnos Greece. Les Miller is still going strong in California and not looking much heavier than the days when I used to have to carry him “skaap dra” in the army. Belinda Leong is still practicing in Johannesburg somewhere and hasn’t grown a day older. Brian McKusker is practicing full time in Pretoria when he is not riding his Truimph motorcycle in the countryside. Margie Salmon, over 40 years has never stopped smiling, maybe more so now that she has retired. Bobby Yssel, the serious comic who still practices in Secunda shaved his beard for the occasion in a desperate attempt to try and look a bit younger.  Rodney Stedall now lives in New Zealand and has a mix of optometry and building classical guitars. 

Organised activities included two evening meals at two of the hotel’s three restaurants, as well as a guided wine tasting at 3 local estates on the Saturday morning. 

Thanks to Karin Stedall for an excellent job arranging this reunion.

Class of 1978 – Back row: Brian McKusker, Dhavid Cooper, Les Chrich, Les Miller, Bobby Yssel. Front row: Cheryl Forsdick, Rodney Stedall, Belinda Leong, Margie Salmon, Mannie Moldovanos
Memories of their days together in the army.  L-R: Rodney Stedall, Les Chrich, Dhavid Cooper, Les Miller
Cheryl Forsdick-Jansen and Belinda Leong
Bergkelder, L-R: Karin Stedall, Rodney Stedall, Les Miller, Christine Yssel, Bobby Yssel, Brian McKusker, Belinda Leong, Les Chrich, Dave Cooper, Cheryl Forsdick, Terence Jansen, Margie Beckwith (Salmon), Gavin Beckwith, Debbie McKusker.
Christine Yssell, Bobby Yssel, Les Chrich and Terence Jansen.
Brian and Debbie McKusker
Dhavid Cooper, Les Chrich and Karen Stedall
Dora and Mannie Moldovanos
Margie Salmon (Beckwith), Gavin Beckwith, Dora Moldavanos.
Rodney Stedall