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Prof Kovin Naidoo steps down – July 2018

Prof Kovin Naidoo

Prof Kovin Naidoo has resigned as CEO of the Brien Holden Institute and its Foundation.

The Brien Holden Vision Institute (BHVI) has announced a shift in the focus of its work in order to address the future needs of the ophthalmic industry and the public health sector as a result of the increasing prevalence of myopia.

The position as CEO will be taken by Yvette Waddell, who has been the Chief Operating Officer since 2003. Amanda Davis will take up the position as CEO of the Foundation, which will focus on the public health response. Ms Davis has been Chief Operating Officer at the BHVI Foundation since 2006.

Professor Brian Layland, Chair of the BHVI, said: “The institute’s new focus will be a significant undertaking for both translational research and public health but, ultimately, the two businesses will share a clear new vision,”

Professor Naidoo steps down after 20 years at the Institute. He was appointed CEO in 2015 following the sudden death of founder Brien Holden. “Kovin brought stability to the organisation during an emotional transition. We owe him a great debt of gratitude,” Professor Layland said.

Yvette Waddell (left) and Amanda Davis (right