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Magical Christmas in Europe

Enjoy a magical Christmas in Europe encompassing 3 baroque cities: Budapest, Vienna and Prague. Three nights in each city where you can experience the Christmas traditions of 3 different countries.

Budapest Bath House


The capital of Hungary, a paradise for explorers. A treasure-trove of a city with neoclassical and art nouveau buildings – an architectural delight. With so much to see and do, you may want to take time to relax at one of the abundant bath houses of natural hot springs, which Budapest is blessed with. It is said that people visit the hot springs to seek a cure for whatever ails them, but most are there to just enjoy. It is also known to cure a hangover.

Revel in the Christmas markets which focus on trying to preserve authentic Hungarian folk art, traditions and which offer excellent quality handcrafts. Nibble on Hungarian pastries and traditional street foods, sip mulled wines, purchase handmade gifts, listen to and watch Christmas concerts on the stages of the markets and mingle with new found friends.

Christmas Market, Vienna


The city of music that boasts a musical heritage which includes composers such as Mozart, Beethoven and countless others. Enjoy a musical performance at one of the many splendid venues dotted all over the city.

The Viennese are known for their taste in the finer things in life. Visit the opulent coffee houses that serve spectacular cakes, the elegant restaurants, and enjoy the fine Austrian wines. The Christmas Market with the City Hall as the unique backdrop, is an unforgettable highlight for those eager to get into the spirit of the season.

Christmas Market, Prague


Prague is known to be the equal of Paris in terms of beauty. Head to the Prague Castle or the Letna Beer Garden, for the best view of this enchanting city. This is a paradise for beer lovers, since Prague is known to have the best beer in Europe.

The historical buildings are covered in red roof tiles, but in winter, you will see the red peeking out from under the blanket of snow, which is so alluring.

The Prague Christmas markets at the Old Town Square and Wenceslas Square is a winter wonderland. Browse the stalls while you listen to Christmas carols, savour delicious food, and sip on the famous Czech beers. Watch the nativity scenes found all over Prague, some live, some carved out of wood, whilst others are full statues. The most unique one is a live scene which is staged at the Prague Castle.


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