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Maui Jim adds prescription availability to revolutionary Mauibrilliant™ Lens Material


APRIL, 2018 Maui Jim, Inc.®, the company known for optically correct, distortion-free lenses that feature patented lens treatments and rare-earth elements, is proud to announce that its most advanced lens material to date, MauiBrilliant, is now available in prescription.

Traditional polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and impact-resistant, but can’t match the clarity and scratch resistance of glass. MauiBrilliant is a revolutionary, proprietary lens material combining the best of both worlds, requiring no compromise, even for those who require prescription lenses. With an ABBE value of 56, MauiBrilliant offers optics nearly as clear as standard glass (indistinguishable to the naked eye), yet with only one-third the weight. This makes MauiBrilliant the lightest, highest-clarity prescription-ready lens available.

Like all Maui Jim sunglasses, MauiBrilliant features the company’s acclaimed PolarizedPlus2® lens technology, which eliminates 99.9% of harsh glare, manages 95% of HEV light and blocks 100% of harmful UV, all while boosting colours to unmatched levels. Beyond its superior clarity and colour enhancement, MauiBrilliant also boasts ultra-high levels of both impact and scratch resistance.

MauiBrilliant is available in either single vision or progressive prescriptions, and utilises MauiPassport™ prescription development process, resulting in edge-to-edge clarity and the widest possible field of view.

MauiBrilliant prescription lenses are also offered in all available lens colours to match any light condition, including HCL® Bronze, Neutral Grey, Maui Rose®, and Maui HT™, plus fashionable blue and pink mirrored options available with Blue Hawaii and MAUI Sunrise. And there’s no need to compromise comfort to enjoy the benefits of MauiBrilliant, as all Maui Jim Sunglasses feature durable, lightweight frames, many using advanced materials like Titanium and Grilamid, plus hypoallergenic rubber temples and silicone nose pads.


About Maui Jim:

Maui Jim sunglasses were born on the beaches of Maui and designed to protect eyes from the harsh rays of the island sun. Today, Maui Jim is recognised for unparalleled ‘Aloha Spirit’ and customer service as well as patented PolarizedPlus2® lens technology, which blocks 100% of UV rays and eliminates glare while enhancing colour, definition and depth perception.  Maui Jim sunglasses have earned the Skin Cancer Foundation Seal of Recommendation as an effective UV filter for the eyes and surrounding skin.  For more information, visit, follow us on Facebook, or on Twitter and Instagram at @OfficialMauiJim.