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Moscon Optics hosts ACUVUE Brand presentation

by Shannon de Klerk

Moscon Optics hosted Claire Elven-Dechoux, Professional Education and Development Manager for Johnson and Johnson Vision, Middle East and Africa, on 13th March.

Claire is enthusiastic and passionate about the ACUVUE® Brand. Her interactive session with audience participation was well received.

Ricky Lewis introduced the ACUVUE® Brand team, including Lloyd Smylie, as the new ACUVUE® sales manager.

Vision would like to thank Ricky, Mike and the ACUVUE® team for the invitation and, congratulations on a successful event.

Claire Elven-Dechoux and Jenny Sidney
Larry Kotzen and Lloyd Smylie
Carmen van der Westhuizen and Angelique Oosthuizen
Francinah Dinake and Stephanie Marais
Celeste Duploy and Lara Blaauw
Acuvue Team at Head Office- Jandri Hubner, Nicole Prinsloo, Harlaine Chandler, Ricky Lewis, Stan Greenberg, Lloyd Smylie and Michael Esra
Claire Elven-Dechoux presenting

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