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Second Annual International Congress of Scleral Contacts


Impressions from the Second Annual International Congress of Scleral Contacts

tomarnoldBy all measures the 2nd Annual ICSC was a big success. Over 170 doctors from countries as far as Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, Italy and Spain convened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for the all-day event, July 28th. Truly an international conclave. 

A wide range of topics were covered on subjects such as “The Scleral Landing Zone”, “Pain with Scleral Lenses”, “New Technologies in the Field of Sclerals”, “Managing Surface Wetting Issues” and several more.  Experts such as Lynette Johns, Muriel Schornack, Michael Lipson, Langis Michaud, Christine Sindt, Elise Kramer and Bill Trattler were keynote speakers.  Many other experienced scleral experts served as panelists contributing to the conversation and knowledge base.

Jan Bergmanson (University College of Optometry), a noted anatomist, presented verification that the architecture of the limbus is not well defined. This important region of stem cells which replenish the epithelial surface of the cornea is always a topic of concern amongst scleral lens practitioners.  Its importance in maintaining a clear, healthy, functioning cornea is widely accepted and fitters strive to avoid insulting it when selecting scleral lens designs.  Christine Sindt (University of Iowa) presented evidence taken from impression molding studies that not only is the limbus an oval, additionally it is a hyperbolic paraboloid (no, not the same as your crazy patient).  This unique three- dimensional structure was illustrated by Dr. Sindt as a Pringles potato chip


The implications of this are, that the limbal curves on scleral lenses should also be oval, not circular and even 3-D, as is now standard.  Impression technologies, wave-front imaging, correction of higher-order aberrations (HOA), scleral mapping with topographers/tomographers, will continue to improve and innovate rapidly. 

Another popular event at ICSC was the series of wet labs featuring major scleral lens laboratories.  Blanchard Lab, Bausch & Lomb Specialty Vision Products (Zenlens), Boston Sight Scleral, X-Cel Specialty Contacts, AccuLens and Luneau Technology held thirty minute sessions that all the participants had the opportunity to rotate through.

All who attended, enjoyed the intimate setting and an opportunity to really get to know the features and benefits of the products presented. In almost all instances, the actual laboratory owners and designers were present.  Knowledge was dispensed straight from the “horse’s mouth.”

A keynote presentation by corneal specialist Bill Trattler from Miami, gave the ophthalmology perspective on how scleral lenses are an important adjunct for patients with advanced corneal irregularities.  With optometry’s expertise in the area of contact lens design and application, OD’s are perfect partners to the surgeon specializing in the anterior segment.  Sclerals can serve as a bridge between the professions for the ultimate benefit of patients everywhere struggling with vision.

Here are a few quotes from attendees:

“Absolutely top notch with so much research and clinical pearls.” – New York

“Perfection on topics, speakers and venue. I will be there next year. Attending ICSC is a MUST for anyone serious about seeing patients with corneal irregularities.” – Maryland

“I love experiencing the OD/MD collaboration at this event. Such a wonderful event and group of professionals.” – Indiana

ICSC 2018 will be held July 27th at the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.