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Uber goes to India – September 2017

Theresa Barnes – General Manager, Uber Optical

Theresa Barnes, General Manager at Uber Optical, was the tour leader to a group of loyal Uber customers on a trip to India. The Loyalty Rewards Programme is based on customer purchases. Settlement discounts plus a contribution from Uber go into the pot and before you know it, you can be off to some exotic destination.

The eight-day trip through India took them to the Golden Triangle to peep into the rich culture, history and tradition of the three most popular cities in the country namely, Delhi, Jaipur and Agra.

Cooking in India: From Left to Right: Chef, Gert Swart, Maria Kapia, Jedri Swart, Theresa Barnes, Christine Breet, Amanda Swanepoel, Yvonne Trimby, Steve Trimby, Chef. Front; Anneri Ferreira