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Shannon and Chris – well done!

Shannon and Chris well done!

Not only does it look like the awards evening was stunning, the way you have depicted it is beaut!

Great photography and warm, unifying talk, positive professional talk.

2018 has been a very big step forward for VISION.

Thank you both!



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Letters to the Editor: Vision Awards Dinner

Dear Chris and Shannon

Thank you to Vision for hosting an outstanding evening on Saturday. It was lovely to experience all sectors of the optometric industry coming together to recognize and celebrate those who have made contributions to our industry. It was clear from the emotional reaction by some of the winners, that this was truly appreciated! Well done to Chris and Shannon for organising the event. Everything was on point from the fantastic music provided by the Jimmy Green Machine, to the delicious food as well as the wonderfully entertaining MC, Peter Brauer. Congratulations to all the award winners.

We look forward to next year’s Vision Awards Dinner!

Well done Vision Mag!

Peter & Theresa
Uber Optical

Hi Chris and Shannon

Just a short note to say thank you so much for the awards Wayne and I received. We really appreciate it and it means a lot to us both. And congratulations on pulling together a fabulous evening. What an awesome idea! It went really smoothly but I can only imagine the hard work and stress that went into the event. You handled the award process exceptionally professionally (it must have been fraught with potential problems). Also so good to get to spend some time with people from the industry in a fun setting instead of the usual rushed practice scenario.

And it ran like clockwork. Well done guys! You rock.

Thanks again and have a lovely break (you both deserve it!)

Tons of love and best wishes,
Leoni and Wayne

Leoni Joubert

(M.Phil (Optom); B.Optom (RAU); MBCO (UK); CAS (NECO – USA); CAS (PAEDS/BV – NECO USA); FOA(SA))
PO Box 901019, Bertsham, 2013

Dear David and Bridget

Thank you so much for a most enjoyable Saturday evening. We felt very special joining your table and thought the Green Machine was excellent! Have a wonderful Xmas and all the best for 2019.

Hope to see you soon in the New Year!

Kind regards
Gys and Jolande

Hi Shannon, Chris, Peter & Zena

Thank you all for arranging an outstanding function! Indeed, it was a warm and classy occasion. Receiving a degree certificate after putting the necessary effort is an expected reward. However, receiving an award or recognition from your peers and the optical industry is unexpected and extremely humbling experience. The reason for this is that most of the nominees are dedicated to the advancement of optometry with no expectation of any reward. Thank you all again for this stellar historical event.

Kind regards

Hi Shannon 

Thank you very much, you guys really put together a night to remember, it was truly something special and I heard everyone enjoyed it a lot. Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to be there, it was such a lovely social event. I wasn’t expecting to have won the award, as I noticed some of the other suppliers posting on FB and Linked in to get friends to vote for them (which I never did) so I really was not expecting that. 

Thank you very very much- I truly do appreciate the acknowledgment, it warms my heart. 

I hope you have a lovely day further J

Bonita Lutzka
Manager: The Contact Lens Laboratory of South Africa
The Lab: +27 (0)11 326 0245
The Lab Cell: +27 (0)81 763 2256

Dear Chris and Shannon,

Thank you for a wonderful, well organized and long overdue Optometry Awards Evening. You made it a night to remember!! The award trophies were very special, the master of ceremonies, truly a master and the food and band, man, it was great!  The nominees and winners all need to be commended for the enormous contribution in making this industry so special and successful.  With the so often negativity in Optometry, what an amazing evening to remember where we came from and reward the giants.

Again, thank you Vision magazine, a splendid evening!! Can’t wait for the next one 😊

Kind Regards
Marietjie Kriel

46 York Street, Newcastle 2940, KZN
Tel: +27 34 312 2298/94
Fax: 086 503 5805

Morning Shannon,

I just wanted to congratulate you and Chris for hosting a fantastic event . Thank you for the work you have both put into offering all role players/stakeholders an opportunity to get together to pay tribute to those Industry leaders – just as important was to have some fun despite the particularly challenging year the industry has had! Well Done!

All the best over the Festive Season.

Kind regards
Steven Baxter


Thanks again for a great function Saturday night. Good to see all the industry faces and have a few gin’s !

Well done ! 

 Donald Currie

Thanks for a lovely evening last night! 🙂

Clive Novis, Ophthalmologist, South Africa

Dear Chris and Shannon,

Can I say how much I appreciate the award? From conception to implementation everything was superb.  You and Vision have done an important service for optometry in the country. Very much appreciated,

Bill Harris

Chris and Shannon (and team)

Well done – a remarkable event – for many reasons not least of all the band! Exceeded expectations (by some stretch)

Thanks and Regards

Peter Muller

Hi Chris and Shannon,

Absolutely! I echo Peters congrats and trust that you have started a movement to professional investment in Optometry and the promotion of integration. Well done!

Kind regards,
Preggie Naidoo

Hello Terry

Wow. I have heard about the band but I have to say without gushing I was really impressed, I think you missed your calling. Thanks for a great evening, it was really worthwhile, and I am happy we could participate. All the best.


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Letter to the Editor – Jayne Janetzky

Dear Chris

As the publisher who originally launched Vision, who – with the support and guidance of an amazing editorial board and enthusiastic advertisers – negotiated its passage through the turbulent early days of de-regulation and the rigours of retail, may I say ‘bravo’! Your on-line edition is absolutely stunning. Its look, content and relevance to the profession is way beyond my early vision. I join Pete Swanepoel – who, along with you Chris, was one of those early editorial board pioneers – in saluting you.

Can’t wait to see some printed versions if anyone is coming to glorious Vilanculos, Mozambique!
Jayne Janetzky

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What a great tribute – Trevor Skinner

What a great tribute to the Saks family who are the corner stone and pioneers of the profession in South Africa. We salute Sid Saks and his family for all they contributed to South African and in fact world Optometry.

Trevor Skinner
(Past President SAOA)

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Letter to the Editor – Kathy Winter

I would like to congratulate and thank you for another great edition of Vision Magazine Online. I really liked it before, but it is now even more readable, relevant and useful. The website is easy to navigate and even manages to look exciting while keeping  the experience professional. The Waiting Room is just what we have needed for years.
Patients love information and deserve to know all they can about their eyes. I read it cover to cover and then back again! It will help Suppliers create awareness of their products, optometrists grow their business and patients to make more informed decisions . Well done for all your hard work sourcing interesting articles to help educate
optometrists and the public. Thank you for having a positive impact on SA Optometry. I know you’re very responsive to your reader base so I wonder if you could determine if there is a need for an online forum on the platform for practitioners to communicate and share views? I also think there could possibly be value in an industry classified and employment advertising section. Thanks again for your work! 

Kind regards

Kathy Winter

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I welcome the new direction the magazine is taking…

By Pete Swanepoel


Dear Ed

As a bashful past editor of VISION who tried to get fired for low productivity, I welcome the new direction the magazine is taking under the direction of Shannon and yourself.

Well done, guys, for grasping the nettle and changing the format. The idea of the big glossy mag in the waiting room where our patients can learn more about what we do is so right.

And moving the professional section online makes good sense too. I look forward to articles on a new direction for the profession and better ways to manage the important business aspects.

My thanks go to the stalwarts who have kept it going thus far and to those who are taking it forward now. I am confident they have a winner.

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