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I am very pleased to welcome Dr. Marissa Willemse as a regular contributor to Vision Online. Her ophthalmology practice is in Montana, Pretoria. She has a particular interest in glaucoma and paediatrics. The format of her column will be engaging in that she will respond to specific cases presented to

In recent years, several business industries had to come to terms with the realities of being challenged by online enterprises. Jeff Bezo, the founder of Amazon, has become one of the richest men in the world. The music industry, photograph shops, high street and mall retailers as well as travel

We have come full circle and after 6 issues we have completed the first year of Vision Magazine Online. Within one month after this issue goes live, I estimate that we would break through 14 000 visits to the magazine for the year. You can see the counter at the bottom

Vision Online

Vision Online, at the time of writing, is about to break through 9000 visits, and this after only 4 issues! This can only happen because of the quality content we publish and to this end, I want to thank our contributors for their sterling support. In this issue, we are giving

Optometry’s Primary Role – Blue light

There has been a concerted attempt to make the public aware of the potential risks of over exposure to blue light. Electronic devices have tipped the scale from getting our required share of blue light on a daily basis to, just too much. Kids, like their parents, have become addicted

Information is the most valuable commodity, it has been said. The American Optometric Association, for the past twenty years, has been conducting bi-annual surveys which produce meaningful information about the industry. In South Africa, research and survey information about our industry is non-existent. Yet, there are important challenges facing us,

The New Vision

Vision Online Welcome to Vision Magazine Online. Vision in this format remains a magazine and has not been reshaped to become a web site with a multitude of different offerings to it. Our focus remains; to deliver high quality clinical articles and case studies with a CPD component. We will endeavor to post an

Some of the mysteries of Optometry

There are certain phenomena in the industry of optometry that have manifested over the years. As we all know, the four months through summer, are responsible for sixty to seventy percent of the collective annual turnover. I have never been able to come up with a plausible reason for this.