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Interview with Peter Whitworth – Uber Optical

ED - Time flies when you are having fun - Uber is turning ten years in November, can you reflect? PW - It is really hard to believe we are ten years old already.  It has certainly not been without its challenges, especially as we started Uber Optical in the worst possible

Interview with Preggie Naidoo, CEO Iso Leso

Ed – Are you still practicing optometry in Cape Town? PR: Yes I am, and enjoying it immensely whilst completing my Therapeutics Internship at Groote Schuur Hospital. Ed – How long have you served as CEO of Iso Leso? PR: Just about 10 years. Ed – How did you get involved with Iso Leso? PR: Strangely,

Interview with Nico Coetzee – Essilor Country Manager

Ed - Tell us about your history with Essilor South Africa NC: Well, I actually come way from the left field and spent all my working life before joining Essilor in the mining environment, spending much of that time in various African Countries. I joined Essilor in December 2014 as Chief

Interview with Ingrid Metsing Phd

Ingrid Metsing received her Phd on the 17th October. Her thesis was entitled: Strategies to improve school vision screenings at primary health care level in Gauteng (South Africa). Vision had a chat with her to learn more about this remarkable achievement. Ed - Where do you hail from? IM - I am

Optic Trade Links Interview – Elias Sulaiman

Ed: What motivated you to become involved in the optical industry. E: I was born into optics. I am the 4th generation involved in the optical industry. My family has been involved in optics for one hundred and ten years. As a child at school, the human eye always fascinated me, making me