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Johnson & Johnson Vision Care is fully committed to enhancing patients’ lives and partnering with Eye Care Professionals. ACUVUE® Brand Contact Lenses is a world leader in soft disposable contact lenses. 

ACUVUE® transforms your perspective so that you can see better, connect more deeply, live more fully. Only ACUVUE® offers a portfolio of contact lenses designed to meet different patient needs. 

For more than 30 years, Johnson & Johnson Vision Care has focused exclusively on improving vision through superior contact lenses, never compromising on the goal of creating technologies that make meaningful differences in people’s lives. 

Starting from a deep understanding of patients’ needs, (considering both lifestyle and eye physiology), each product’s technology is inspired by – and works in harmony with – the eye. Each product’s design is literally inspired by the natural functions of the eye to meet specific patient needs. 

ACUVUE® EYE-INSPIRED Design: Innovative technologies designed to meet patients’ different eye physiology and lifestyle needs while working in harmony with the eye.



brad_newBrad Emmett brings 23 years managerial experience across various industries to the ACUVUE® Contact lens brand in South Africa. Brad launched his career in the FMCG industry, where he began in a product marketing position with Nestle S.A, that then led to a 5-year partnership where he involved himself in sales and customer service disciplines, within a widespread territory. Brad’s career saw him hold numerous senior management positions within the FMCG, construction, capex and optometric industries. Brad’s passion for optics began at Bausch and Lomb and after a 12 -year absence, he is thrilled to be back in this professional industry again. Brad is honoured to be part of the global number 1 contact lens brand (ACUVUE®) and the leading frames and sunglass company in South Africa, namely Moscon optics. Brad is extremely passionate about building relationships forged around honesty and trust.

Contact Brad on 063 419 5157.