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The year 2020 is finally here! For all of us involved in eye care, it has got a special ring to it. Cherish the fact that you are privileged to be involved in eye care at this time since it is only going to come around once, ever.

By all accounts, 2019 will be remembered for the tough business year that it was. Slowly but surely, the impact of macro-economic disasters our country is dealing with are filtering through to practice level. However, there is no point in preaching doom and gloom – this is 2020, so we have to make it a super year for optometry. 

The formula to become a high-performance practice is based on very simple, but strict business principles. Vision Online continuously brings you sound business advice, tried and tested in practice. Our archive holds a wealth of business information. This year will see the launch of Humint, management software for optometrists. There are two things that will distinguish it from existing software packages: it is online and has an integrated accounting system, which will make financial management of your practice so much easier. 

This year will see Vision creating a presence on all social media platforms. Until I recently did a course in Digital Marketing, I had no idea what was passing me by. There is so much more to it than pretty pictures on a web site. One has to understand the technical implications, and it has to be managed on a day to day basis to be effective. To this end, Vision will be offering digital management services to individual practices in the near future. This format of marketing is measurable, affordable, and effective.

May 2020 bring optometry good fortune!