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Benchmarks are truly valuable tools in managing your practice. Knowing your gross profit percentage, net profit percentage and expenses as a percentage of turnover, are all useful management tools. However, it becomes much harder to obtain national benchmarks. For instance, what do practice owners pay themselves, what do they pay a junior optometrist, what is the average rent per square meter and how many empty chair slots do optoms have across the country. These are all surveys that Vision Online has conducted over the past year or so. By completing the surveys, you immediately have access to this valuable information.

At Vision Online we love to help students with their research projects. We have posted two such projects by Tania Noach, a Masters student and Rayishnee Pillay a PhD candidate. Please take a minute to complete these surveys. The results will be published for the benefit of all optometrists.

Vision has launched a Face Book page, so that we can feed valuable clinical and business information to practitioners on a regular basis. Please like our page to spread the word.

Vision Online has a Speciality Section where optometrists, ophthalmologists and business professionals can post their areas of expertise. You may make the ophthalmologists you work with aware of this option. The idea is to offer a list for referrals of patients who require special care.