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I am very pleased to welcome Dr. Marissa Willemse as a regular contributor to Vision Online. Her ophthalmology practice is in Montana, Pretoria. She has a particular interest in glaucoma and paediatrics. The format of her column will be engaging in that she will respond to specific cases presented to her by you, the optometrists. She will unpack the diagnoses, pathologies, surgeries, treatment plans, drugs, and management of these cases. Her first contribution deals with post-cataract complications.

It’s time to sign up for CPD, and as a bonus, you get access to the Vision Archive, where you will find a vast amount of compelling information. Ray Pillay has submitted an excellent CPD article – An overview of conjunctivitis.

 Vision Magazine Online serves as a source of information for optometrists, supporting practices from a clinical as well as business perspectives. Moreover, it provides a platform for Optical Suppliers to present their management teams and products to the industry. Since its inception a year-and-half ago, there have been more than 42 000 visits to Vision Online (see the counter at the bottom left of the home page).

I want to call on optometrists to submit interesting or problematic cases for further discussion and clarification. You are also welcome to write to us for advice on business-related issues.

Lastly, I appeal to you to display Vision for the Waiting Room (VWR) in your waiting rooms. VWR is all about educating the public about visual disorders and ocular pathology, and the importance of early diagnosis. Only 14,6% of South Africans wear a vision correction, which by global standards, is a meager number. By displaying VWR, we can all work together to promote eye care.