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This is the first issue of 2019. Very soon Vision Online will bounce through 40 000 visits, which is a remarkable achievement. This is perhaps a good time to review some of the sections in Vision Magazine Online.

I appeal to all optometrists to complete the salary survey. This type of information is not easy to come by, but very valuable to know. So far, we have had seventy-seven respondents. To authenticate the results, we require two-hundred respondents. The results are visible and updated as the survey progresses. Please take two minutes to make your entry.

Any outstanding CPD articles must be completed by 22 February. The registrations will be switched off on this date and optometrists must register again for 2019 along with the annual payment. Registration for CPD includes access to the Vision Archive, offering a wealth of information.

The 2019 Events Calendar is filling up fast. Vision Online has an up-to-date schedule of local and international events. Vision offers this service free of charge.

The Speciality Directory is another service Vision offers. Please advise any colleagues or ophthalmologists of this service.

I would love to hear your comments. Write a note providing some feedback or suggestions how we can improve Vision Magazine Online.

Chris Faul