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vwrVision Magazine Online has enjoyed massive support with over 20 000 visits during the first year. This gives us the re-assurance that Vision Online occupies an important space in providing a service to the South African optical industry.

Vision for the Waiting Room, on the other hand, is more difficult to measure. Yes, we have received a lot of positive feedback. Yes, we have increased the circulation in our endeavour to place a Vision Magazine in every practice. But, we still receive reports via the reps that it is not on display in the waiting room. Why is this important?

If as few as three people in every practice in South Africa pick up a Vision Magazine, we can boast a readership of 234 000 per month. Potentially it can be much bigger than this. Again, why is this important?

The editorial policy of VWR is to enlighten the public about eye care and eyewear. Apart from providing our advertisers with an excellent platform to showcase their products to exactly the right target market, we purposefully work towards getting more feet through optometrists doors. We do this by educating the public about the importance of eye care and the perils lurking if you do not value your vision. Every time a Vision Magazine is picked up in a waiting room, we are supporting the concept of growing the eye care market in South Africa.

Over the past twenty years I have come across three sets of very similar statistical results, showing how many people wear a visual correction of some sorts. The latest being from SA Stats which reported that 14,6% of South Africans wear specs or contacts. I find this very difficult to accept, but there it is. According to The Vision Council of America, 61% of Americans wear a visual correction. Imagine if we can double our number?

This is why it important to put Vision Magazine on display in your practice.