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We have come full circle and after 6 issues we have completed the first year of Vision Magazine Online. Within one month after this issue goes live, I estimate that we would break through 14 000 visits to the magazine for the year. You can see the counter at the bottom left of the home page. This is an achievement we are very proud of, since a publication can only claim to be relevant if it has a readership to boast about. Vision Online is relevant.

dinner_eventsVision is proud to announce the Vision Awards dinner taking place at Bryanston Country Club on 8 December 2018. This is destined to become the prestige event on the industry calendar. Moreover, we can give an undertaking that this will be an event of the highest order in terms of venue, entertainment, food and drink.

Why Vision? Vision is a fiercely independent entity and it serves the whole of the optometric industry. Vision is not stigmatised by any business affiliation, practitioner group, racial or industry politics. We envisage this evening to be one without any boundaries, where all industry players are welcome and can rub shoulders.

Why the awards? It is only fitting that those within our industry, who have sacrificed or achieved at an exceptional level, should be recognised. As a profession, Optometry has never done this at this level. The time has come to do this.

How will it work? In the not too distant future, Vision will call for nominations in about five different categories. Once the nominations are in, we will set up an online voting system, so that every single person in the industry will get an opportunity to vote.

Enjoy the 6th edition of Vision Magazine Online.