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Vision Online, at the time of writing, is about to break through 9000 visits, and this after only 4 issues! This can only happen because of the quality content we publish and to this end, I want to thank our contributors for their sterling support.

In this issue, we are giving some much-needed exposure to the “Cinderella” divisions of optometry. We have an excellent article by Jennifer Long, Australian Ergonomist. Why nobody in South Africa has ever taken the bull by the horns in this division, remains a mystery. Jenny gives some good advice on how to establish a career in Visual Ergonomics. Also from down under, Rodney Stedall from New Zeeland, submitted some valuable insights in dealing with hemianopia. Hazel Sacharowitz demystifies the Low Vision Practice. Beryl Carvalho, unpacks the process of fitting an ocular prosthetic – she does so comprehensively.

We have introduced a “Speciality Directory” where practitioners can list their areas of special interest to make it more convenient for optometrists to direct referrals.

Our first survey results are published in this issue, and we want to thank David Green of the The Green Company for sponsoring the prize.

We are also posting CPD articles worth 9 points, 3 of which are ethics points.

Paul Ramkissoon has once again submitted “gold” in laying out the benefits of “The High Tech Examinations”.

The usual culprits are there in our regular Columnists as well as articles on the business front.

Enjoy the 5th issue of Vision Online – your comments will be valued!